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Our tough plastic footing forms' how to tips & animations on installing concrete footers

Check out our how-to animations on installing Bigfoot's sound footing forms
Get some great tips on concrete construction footing form installation!
Doing a DIY deck build? Start with Bigfoot!

Bigfoot Systems® step 1 Step 1:
Gather the tools required, trim the Bigfoot, cut your tube, clean tube edge, screw tube to Bigfoot base. You're on your way!

Watch Step 1
Movie length: 1 minute, 20 seconds
Bigfoot Systems® step 2 Step 2:
Place the footing form in the excavation, place earth around the base, backfill, then fill with concrete. You're done!
Watch Step 2
Movie length: 1 minute, 2 seconds
Bigfoot Systems® tip 1 Tip 1:
Using a utility knife, remove any fraying on the edge of the sono tube that will connect to the Bigfoot.
Watch Tip 1
Movie length: 13 seconds
Bigfoot Systems® tip 2 Tip 2:
Use batterboard to suspend a line over your work area. Tie red tape or string at equal increments to space out the Bigfoot forms evenly.
Watch Tip 2
Movie length: 12 seconds
Bigfoot Systems®  tip 3 Tip 3:
Cut two notches into the tube at the level that the concrete should reach. This easily allows you to avoid the problem of trying to estimate, as concrete will flow out of the tube when it's at the right height!
Watch Tip 3
Movie length: 20seconds
Bigfoot Systems® tip 4 Tip 4:
Use a Bigfoot as a funnel when pouring the concrete into the mold!
Watch Tip 4
Movie length: 33 seconds

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