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ProRemodeler Project Updates features Bigfoot Systems - Pier Footings for the Deck

pier footings for deck

Bigfoot Systems engineered footing system provides a solid base for the 23 deck piers.

The Model ReModel West deck was designed to wrap three sides of the home, and requires 23 piers to carry the beams holding up the new deck. Bill Owens chose the pier footing forms from Bigfoot Systems to provide an engineered system of footing and piers to prevent uplift from frost or wind loads.

"This is way better than forming footings first and pouring piers on top of them," says Owens.
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pier footings for deck

Testimonials for
Bigfoot Systems Footing Forms!

Big Barn Rescue:

Bigfoot barn rescue

"We were in the process of re-doing a barn over 100 years old when we came across your ad in This Old House magazine. We purchased your Bigfoot System in hopes of making our project easier to complete and more durable.

"We found the system to not only make the project go more smoothly, but change it from a two-step process to a one-step process. The foundation is now much more stable and hopefully will aid in keeping our barn around for another 100 years." - Corey Welker, Michigan, USA
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How-to save money with Bigfoot:

"I just want to say that your footing system is great. I just mail ordered your tubes about two weeks ago [and] finally installed my four Bigfoot bases and construction tubes today.

"In less than four hours, I had all four tubes in, buried, steel reinforced, concrete filled, and the standoff column bases mounted. This would easily have taken me a day and a half without your system. The finished product is incredible." - Brian Richey, Simi Valley, California, USA

DIY deck building:

DIY deck builder calls on Bigfoot

"Our deck project was a big undertaking for us as we were doing everything ourselves. Due to the size of the deck,as well as being a two level deck, we wanted to ensure it was going to be sturdy and wouldn't move over time. That's why we decided to use Bigfoot.

Positioning the Bigfoot footing and Bigfoot tubes was fairly easy. Being able to have the footings in place and having the holes back filled made it easy to have the concrete poured. As my property is sloped, cutting of the tubes to the correct height was also fairly easy.

The web site was good source of information as well. I was able to estimate the amount of concrete I required by using the concrete calculator. We were also able to view may different deck styles and got some good ideas for our deck.

We are very happy with how our deck turned out and look forward to many years of family gathering and barbecues. - Richard Harrison, Nova Scotia

Support beam install:

"My Bigfoot forms arrived just now. I can't wait to get under the house and get these into place! I have been waiting to do this for many years and now is my launch window. I first saw your product years ago in This Old House magazine and knew that this was what I needed.

"If I ever build a house from scratch, which I might do . . . you will definitely get another order! These would be so easy to use for a startup project. Mine will be a little more interesting . . . adding a support beam to an existing dwelling...with a 3 foot crawlspace. However, I have no doubt that this will be a very strong section of floor once I get through! Thanks again for all of your help."
- Tommy Taylor, Austin, Texas, USA

DIY deck construction:

"I'm sure glad I stumbled onto the Bigfoot Systems® on the Internet. The delivery arrived intact and was met with some 'head scratching.' No one here had seen the product before but were very impressed with the product. My contractor really liked the whole concept and theory. I'm sure you will be getting orders from him in the future. As for my deck project, I feel very comfortable with the foundation for the structure. I am only sorry I did not order a couple more for 'show & tell,' and for use as a funnel. From a satisfied customer . . . THANKS!" - Frank Warren, Brevard, North Carolina, USA

Building a DIY foundation start to finish with Bigfoot - Slideshow

preparing for foundation building

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Building a deck from start to finish with Bigfoot - Slideshow

how to build a deck start to finish

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Ryan Shervill tackles a complete housefront makeover

diy deck builder in Alaska choses bigfoot

From left: A test fit of the Bigfoot, add & plumb the 10" sonotube, the building inspector inspected the hole, checked for water and for proper footing size and depth. Click and see more of Ryan's housefront makeover!

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Glen & Kris Denning use Bigfoot for their new deck in Alaska

diy deck builder in Alaska choses bigfoot

The Denning's website describes their ongoing home improvement projects including a typically detailed description on building a deck using Bigfoot. The new, 26 x 9.5' structure replaces a 3' x 5' porch original to the house.

Quotes from the Dennings' website:

"The second picture shows an 8" sonotube attached to a Bigfoot Systems BF24 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) footing form. The Bigfoot and sonotube were assembled as a unit, then lowered into the hole over the rebar grid shown in the previous picture.

alaska builder choses bigfoot

" Since we had to dig large holes anyway, it seemed reasonable to use the Bigfoots for a number of reasons:

  • Unlike wood, the HDPE form remains in place after the footing is poured.
  • The large footprint offers good load-bearing properties in our poor soil conditions.
  • Finally, the shape and large size also offers a high resistance to frost jacking, especially important since the deck isn't attached to the house. "

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Wolf Creek Cabin
Family uses hand tools & Bigfoot to build vacation cabin in Montana

diy cabin builder choses bigfoot

Quotes from Wolf Creek Cabin blog:

"With the location decided on, Clayton and I got an early start laying out where the cement piers would be located. I decided to use Bigfoot footings forms, 8" concrete sono tubes, and support weldments I had fabricated and shipped out prior to our departure as the cabin's foundation system. But first we had to dig/pick the (9) 3 feet deep holes. The whole crew really worked hard and we actually completed all of the layout and excavating in a single day. "

"Logistics: Keeping with only hand tools/traditional [methods] add complexity to the project theme the cabin's location required us to hand carry the cement bags (ultimately more than 3,000 lbs) and haul the water from the road - 150 yards to the site. Dan parked his truck with a water tank on the road allowing us to carry water by pail to the site. Cement was mixed by hand in a wheel barrow and then shoveled one shovel at a time in to the 8" sono tubes."

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Bigfoot lends a big hand to Nova Scotia raptors & others
Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre gets a great footing!

Bigfoot helps build wildlife rehab centre

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Perry OH Scout troop uses Bigfoot in building an eagle nesting stand in a remote, waterlogged location

Perry Ohio scouts build eagle nest stand using Bigfoot Perry Ohio scouts with their eagle nesting stand

Charlie Vendeville, father of scout Matt Vendeville, writes:

"The location was very remote, so pumping the water from the hole was not an option. I believe that this project would not have been possible without your system.

"There were many people involved with the project, including a bridge engineer, high school industrial arts teacher, and a mechanical engineer.

"Everyone was very impressed with the Bigfoot concept."

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Big telescope calls on Bigfoot's concrete footing forms for stability

Country Hill Observatory choses bigfoot

Country Hill Observatory is a home built observatory housing some of the world's most widely used amateur research telescopes and equipment. The equipment's primary functions are photography and public education.

Country Hill Observatory telescope

"When I decided I wanted to get involved in astro-photography, I soon learned that you really need a solid permanent mount for the scope," recalls Chris, the telescope owner on his construction photo page.

"Set the base and rebar then leveled the Sonotube," describes the website. "The bell shaped base is a Bigfoot Systems BF36 and the Sonotube is 14" (which is recommended with a 10" pier), both of which I had to specially order from a local lumberyard."

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Bigfoot sets the stage in North Carolina

Bigfoot is in ballet

From an unsolicited email to Bigfoot Systems:

"We have a new use for your products. We doubt that anyone tried this before . . . but it worked very well. Here's the testimonial:

"In January, we purchased Bigfoot pier footing forms from you. We constructed six moveable columns eight feet high using Bigfoot pier footing forms as the bases.

"They were used in the palace scene in a ballet production of Prokofiev's Cinderella in Asheville, NC. As you can see, Emily, aka Cinderella, was very pleased with the result, and we all 'lived happily ever after!' Thank you for your help. Rich Bishop"

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Platinum LEED home chooses Bigfoot's concrete footing form

platinum LEED home chooses bigfoot

A Colorado platinum LEED certified home and demo for the '08 Energy Star Summit in Denver, incorporates the latest green building materials, renewable energy technologies and environmentally friendly products - including Bigfoot.

LEED stands for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System which was designed to encourage, develop and expand sustainable green building practices through a national and international standard of criteria.

LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by focusing on: sustainable site development, water conservation, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor air quality.

LEED homes have lower energy and water bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and fewer problems with indoor pollutants.

The LEED for homes rating system measures the overall performance of a home using eight categories. The level of performance is designated by four levels- Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - according to the number of points earned.

Read more at Colorado platinum LEED certified home

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