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Our footing forms and pier footings are working to code or better - time after time

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Bigfoot Systems meets the latest international building and residential codes. Bigfoot's 2024 ICC-ES evaluation
Visit ICC Evaluation Service Inc - the United States' leader in evaluating building products for code compliance.

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Click for Bigfoot's evaluation by CCMC evaluation report (Oct 31/97 — Feb 27/23). Evaluations are based on the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada and supported by the latest technical research and expertise.

Bigfoot Concrete Footing Forms have been stringently tested and code evaluated throughout North America - meeting or exceeding building codes time and time again. We go to great lengths to keep our evaluations current.

Typically building codes are set at the minimum standard. Meeting or exceeding it ensures your project will be built to a high standard of safety and durability. Check your local building code to determine which plastic Bigfoot Systems® Footing Form fits your construction needs.

Choose the right footing for the job

Safety and liability are issues facing all of us in the construction industry. Improper installation of footings, especially pier applications, as well as recent deck failures, have prompted changes in codes across North America. Not only are building codes becoming more stringent and clearer about what is approved, they are being more rigorously enforced.

Reduce your liability risk with Bigfoot Systems® Footing Forms. They are construction tubes' Original Code Evaluated, engineered footing form. They meet or exceed building codes throughout North America.

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Also, see changes to the Canadian Building Code

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