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how to build an addition, DIY deck building, how to build a foundation

DIY deck building!

More helpful links!

  • Mountain Man restores a barn: "Do you think a Big Foot is a creature who wanders in the forest? I did. Never had a clue about sonotubes either but now I know and . . . by the end of this post, you'll know too."
  • Building Green Homes: In this series on Looking Back & Looking Forward, Home Owner's Resource Centre reviews a green home they built over two years ago, the lessons learned and more importantly, how they can (or even how you can) utilize those lessons on future builds.
  • CAD details: On-line product listings, photos, CAD drawings, CSI specifications and brochures
  • 4 Specs: Quickly access over 12,000 manufacturers' web sites for the construction product specifications, CAD details and CSI-formatted specs you need for your project.
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