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BFT12 is ultra tough, ultra convenient!

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Whatever the weather, Bigfoot's newest plastic tube (BFT12) delivers a simple, yet dependable way to build footings. Ground water, wet soil or moisture poses no threat to our Bigfoot tubes.

The BFT12 meets or exceeds all local and national building codes when used with a Bigfoot Systems® footing form. It measures 12" by 4' and can be used with either Bigfoot models BF28 or BF36.

BFT12 - how-to: When using with Bigfoot Systems® Footing Forms BF28, go to Step 1. BF36, Step 2. When using BFT12 by itself, go directly to Step 5.

1. Remove the 12" small and medium rings from BF28 Bigfoot Systems® footing form.
2. Attach BFT12 to the Bigfoot using six 1" screws. Note: Screw indents are located on the flange of the BFT12.
3. Place the System into the excavation.
4. Follow installation instructions marked on the Bigfoot for "Below Ground Applications"
5. Remove safety top handle from BFT12 when ready to pour concrete.
BFT12 Concrete Volume: 3.14 Cubic feet

BFT12 benefits:

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