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Bigfoot footing forms saves time, money & hassle!
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It's a fact, the best footer is Bigfoot.
For stability homeowners can trust, buy our concrete footing forms!

Why choose Bigfoot over any old construction tube & footer?
Not all footings are equal - and the differences are big!

  • Quality engineering, optimum structural stability, safety and convenience, make our products the best on the market.
  • Construction rule of thumb calls for a footing to be a maximum of twice the size of the construction tube. Not all plastic footings meet this rule. Bigfoot does.
  • Stringently tested, and evaluated by, Canadian Construction Materials Centre and ESR 2148;
  • Sturdy, pre-engineered, recyclable, high-density polyethylene form;
  • Bell-shape eliminates pockets, cold joints and 90-degree angles;
  • Air-vent holes;
  • Ribs for structural strength;
  • Attachment requires only 4 - 6 screws;
  • Sheds water from the footing area;
  • Acts as an anchor to prevent uplift in areas subject to high velocity winds.
bigfoot is best - see the difference not Bigfoot
Photo left: Bigfoot Systems® - the best footer on the market! Graphic right: this construction tube is being installed without a proper footer. It is not pre-engineered and may not meet building codes.
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