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Bigfoot's construction footing forms below grade 9-step process:


1. Dig hole.
2. Base should be placed on undisturbed soil or 4" - 6" of compacted crushed stone or gravel.
3. Excess rings should be cut off at the top of the ring being used and removed. (300 mm) spikes in at a 45 degree angle to prevent the footing form from rising.
4. Screw required length of construction tube to the footing form with four 1" screws

below grade footing install step 4

Step 4

below grade footing form install step 5

Step 5

below grade footing install step 6

Step 6

footing form install step 9

Step 9

5. Install in hole.
6. Plumb and level. The tube must be braced if it extends 3 ft. or more above grade.
7. If necessary, have inspected by building inspector before backfilling.
8. Backfill. Avoid dropping or placing heavy rocks or heavy wet soil on the footing form.
9. Pour concrete using footing form inverted on top of the construction tube as a funnel.

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